Influencer Requirements

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Influencer Requirements

Post by Isaac » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:46 pm

Do influencers get paid?
Influencers will receive Squid Tokens for promoting Reef. The exact amount will be determined case by case and is discussed with each successful applicant.

What requirements do I need to meet before I apply?
You should have a real interest in Reef and should have good knowledge on the project.

Subscribers: 5000
Min Upload Frequency: Once every 14 days
Avg/Min Views Per Video: 2000views
  • ICO reviews
  • Crypto/Blockchain
  • Gaming

Followers: 1000
Min Livestream Frequency: Once/Twice a week (Excluding holidays etc)
Avg Viewers Per Stream: 75+
  • Gaming

How do i apply?
You can either create a post in this section or email: with the following details:
Link to account (Main platform):
Links to all public social media:
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