Duality by Essency Studios is the latest game to join the Reef movement.

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Duality by Essency Studios is the latest game to join the Reef movement.

Post by Matt » Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:57 pm


The Game

Drawing inspiration from the classic 2007 ‘Portal’ by Valve, Duality gets its name from the developers idea of multiple mazes spread across various dimensions.

Explore the silent story of Duality, a world in which reality has been split into two dimensions. Each level has been beautifully designed with extreme challenge in mind. Will you be able to uncover the secrets that each new challenge holds?

With fine attention to detail in areas such as the laser system, polished dimensional switching and cool level designs, Duality holds a whole world just waiting to be explored.

The development of Duality faced many obstacles in its early days; from having to commit much needed time and energy into other areas of the developers lives to developer burnouts and even creative mind block (we’ve all been there!) Although the release date was slightly delayed due to an unforeseen number of bugs, the goal of developing a game around 1 year after learning Unity and publishing a game on Steam had been met.

The Developer

Phineas Carberry, is the lead developer of Essency Studios which is based in the USA. Specifically Houston, Texas. Duality is a collaboration project between Essency Studios and Phineas's close friend, Blake Gillman.

Phineas got into game development as a result of playing a lot of video games as he was growing up. One day he decided he wanted to channel that passion into something more productive.

Blake on the other hand was somewhat a veteran by the time he had met Phineas while playing another game. Blake had been developing games for well over five years at that point and agreed to mentor Phineas while working on this project (Duality).

After about only two years, Phineas had mastered a whole variety of skills which included 3D modeling and intermediate C# coding, as well as everything else he needed to make this game.

We asked Phineas “What are the pros and cons of being an indie developer?”

“The biggest advantage of being an Indie game developer over working at someone else's studio is having your own creative freedom. Its like working at a job where you are told what to paint but can't come up with any of your own ideas to put on the canvas. In small studios though because everyone is so tight nit and working together on the project, if you have a cool idea or want to change something you can easily bring it to the project lead without going through managers and boring bosses.”

A message from Essency Studios

“I started game development because I have ideas about games that provide awesome experiences, but don't exist. My primary goal is to make my passion projects a reality and pay rent while doing it. I look for promising startups and platforms that can help me towards that goal, and I think Reef is one of them.”

To keep up to date with all things to do with Essency Studios, follow their twitter here: https://twitter.com/EssencyStudios

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