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The Subject

Post by George » Fri Jan 18, 2019 7:12 pm

‘The Subject’ by Dark Stone Digital is the ninth game in line for the Reef Platform.


The Game

The Subject is a sci-fi horror puzzle game, set in 2290 and is designed to combine a mix of classic puzzle adventure games with horror elements and an 80’s sci-fi theme.

You will need to learn to navigate the complex to find your way to the various puzzles set out in the experiment and discover the reason behind the testing.

As a prisoner for BioMass Labs, you are being shuttled off for study at the Kohate testing facilities. No information is known about the details of the testing. You have been black-bagged, loaded onto a transport shuttle, and are waiting for law enforcement to release you to the company.

You are being monitored by those running the tests and are required to visit a bio-data terminal periodically to record your vital signs and other data for record keeping. If you fail to do so, you will be removed from testing by euthanization.

The Developer

Dark Stone Digital is headed by Brian Clarke, a solo indie developer based in Pensacola, Florida. He currently creates all of his projects alone from the art you see to the programming of the game itself.

Brian got into video games a little over 13 years ago when he began working for AAA companies. His journey began as a world builder for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning at Mythic Entertainment (EA). From there he moved from studio to studio as an environment artist.

Brian has held roles in leadership, art direction, producer, and other management roles throughout his career. About a year ago, he left his job at Disney to pursue his desire to create his own games.

His first indie title, before DarkStone, was formed working with another solo developer. He then went on to create DSD and The Subject (his first title alone) and is now dedicated to updating The Subject and developing new titles.

A message from Dark Stone Digital

Brian told us “Indie developers need as much exposure as possible but that isn't the only reason I wanted to join up with Squid Networks. I very much believe that their approach to integrate cryptocurrency with their platform aligns well with my belief that crypto could very well become the currency of gamers. Combining their approach to their own currency with a model that will pay both players and developers using reef is very intriguing to me. I'm very proud to be in the early phase of something this compelling. It's a fresh approach to a distribution platform.”

To find out more about Brian's work, make sure you follow his twitter here:

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