Sm4r confirmed for Reef!

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Sm4r confirmed for Reef!

Post by George » Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:30 pm

The fifth game to partner with Squid Networks is SM4R by ‘Scimitar DD’.


The Game

Sm4R is the first game made by Scimitar DD that has a complete playable demo. This colourful side-scrolling RPG, which smashes its aim of feeling like an MMORPG takes players through a world so bizarre and yet so enjoyable people struggle to turn their computers off. Whilst still only being a demo there are 30 levels for you to work through with many secrets hidden away awaiting discovery. You will have to level up as you learn a vast amount of skills and obtain new items on your quest to be the best. Make sure you stop to enjoy the collection of minigames placed throughout the world, as some of them alone could have you playing for hours.

The Developer

David Hartkorn aka Scimitar DD, began developing games as a kid, where he was fascinated by MMORPGs. This led him to download ‘Game Maker’ which he used to create his very first game. Although it was simple, the games he made got more and more complex over the years. When he went to university, he learned more about software engineering which greatly enhanced his game dev skills to a point where he could finally create big projects that didn’t end in a code-mess-catastrophe.
Sm4R is now Scimitar DD’s biggest project and the first that has been made public. Sm4R was developed solo (excluding for the sounds, from Soundsnap and music, from Open Games Art) as David prides himself on being a completely solo indie game dev.
Sm4R is Scimitar DD’s 9th RPG project and was started back in 2016. The 8 predecessors are called Smilyman. You can look these up on his Twitter page but they aren't available for download.

A message from Scimitar DD

David says ‘I think it's important to publish games to every platform that is possible for you as an indie dev. The Squid Network team seems to care about each game dev and stays in regular contact with them. If you have a good idea for their platform, you can tell them and they'll seriously consider it.’
To keep up to date on the progress of Scimitar DD, make sure you follow their twitter which you can find here:

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