Sm4R The latest game to partner with Reef

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Sm4R The latest game to partner with Reef

Post by Matt » Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:13 pm


Sm4R is a crazy singleplayer 2D sidescroller RPG where you hunt monsters, complete quests, party up with other (bot)players and play minigames. By doing that you collect experience points and level up to increase your stats and skills. Find rare items and upgrade them to the max to become #1 of all players in your personal offline Sm4R world! Sm4R is a satire of typical MMORPG grinders. You'll be involved in varied and weird stories that may or may not remind you of your personal MMO experience.

Game play teaser

Sm4R features:
- Over 60 maps containing more than 300 unique monsters
- 12 boss monster maps
- 5 special maps with many diverse minigames (for example a trading card battle arena)
- Over 1300 unique items to equip and activate
- Over 500 different skills to learn
- 150 levels (each level unlocks new items and skills)


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