Warnings & Bans

The official Forum Rules
Forum rules
• No offensive language or harassment
• Spam will not be tolerated
• Advertisement is not allowed. (Other ICO or related forums, personal advertising, ..)
• Negativity and unconstructive criticism is frowned upon.
• It is forbidden to impersonate any player or staff member.
• Listen to the staff members. When you are told to refrain from doing something, do what they tell you to do. They have the best interests in mind for both you and Reef. If a staff member posts a comment on the thread to warn people, or sends a user a private message, it counts as a verbal warning. If you ignore this, you might get warned or even banned, depending on the severity and situation.
• If you create an account with an inappropriate or offensive name, the account will be banned, no matter how long you've had the account

For more minor rules & Guildlines, please read the topic posted below
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Warnings & Bans

Post by Matt » Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:22 pm

If you post something which our team deems to be a violation of our rules, your account could be banned. Typically, if you've posted something minor, which requires us to remove your post, your account will receive a warning.

All users will be noticed if they receive a warning. Warnings will stay on your record for 90 days. If your account reaches 3 warnings within a 90 day period, you will be automatically banned.

Account bans, and warnings can't be appealed.