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Games partnered with squid networks can post games threads here for feedback and exposure.
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Featured Games

Post by Squid Networks » Sat Oct 20, 2018 2:45 pm

Featured games are games who are in partnered with Squid Networks. This section can be used to showcase the games and gather feedback on them.

Who can make threads in this section?
This section is only for 'Game Developers'. Game developers can create one thread per game they wish to showcase. This thread can be used for exposure or feedback.

As a game developer, can I request for my thread to remain locked?
Yes. If you're not looking for feedback and only want to showcase your game, feel free to message a forums moderator.

Why do my posts need to be approved?
Because the system for this forum is still in development, we're unable to restrict everyone to just posting replies. In the meantime, anyone without the Game Developer rank will have to wait for approval. The purpose of this approval system is not to limit any negative feedback though. If the post is constructive, and within our rules, it'll always be approved.

If anyone has any other questions about this section, please send a message to Matt or Lieven.

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