[READ ME] Everything you need to know about Moderators!

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[READ ME] Everything you need to know about Moderators!

Post by Lieven » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:16 am

If you are reading this thread, it means that you're potentially interested in joining our team, or are just curious about what the rank means. This topic will explain what you need to know about the rank, and how to apply for the rank.

What is a moderator?
Moderators are members of the community who have a thorough understanding of how the forums work. The main role of this person is to, as the name implies, moderate the forums. This includes things like locking & archiving threads, dealing with reports and much more. As a moderator, you are also a rolemodel for the community. It goes without saying that you are expected to behave as such. When working in the team, you will also be expected to follow a set of basic guidelines, to ensure that we have a consistent moderation team.

The trial period
Once your application has been accepted, you will be promoted to a Trial Moderator. This rank has the exact same permissions, with the only differences being that you're not getting SQUID-Tokens yet, and that you've got a mentor (Can be any senior moderator, or Lieven). This is because we need to first see if we can trust you with the rank and also get a better view on if you actually were a suitable candidate for becoming a moderator. That being said, it is possible to get demoted again if you're slacking/not following the guidelines/...

But.. What's up with the senior moderators?
This is a rank given to the most professional, hardworking and knowledgeable moderators. This rank holds more "power" than the regular rank. Senior moderators also have a leadership role within the moderation team. You can not apply for this rank, even if you are a moderator already. These promotions come with time, but are also hand-picked. This means that, a low-functioning moderator who's been on the team for a year will not have an edge over a hard working moderator who's only been on the team for 6 months.

Do moderators get paid?
Moderators will receive Squid-Tokens for moderating the forums. The exact amount is not currently public information and is discussed with each successful applicant. For complete transparency, these tokens can only be awarded once the platform is live.

What are the requirements for becoming a moderator?
Being a helpful, known and respected individual within the community is one of the most important factors when your application is taken into consideration. Next to that, activity on the forums is also a crucial requirement. The amount of posts you make do not matter a lot, but the content of your posts or topics does!
As a moderator, you're also expected to have great communication skills. This is includes knowing enough English to make your point clear, but it also means that you're willing to communicate and work together with other members in the team whenever this is needed.
Having a considerable amount of support coming from the community is also a good thing. However, if you are heavily supported by the community it may not always mean that you will be accepted to join the moderation team. The purpose of the application process is to find new moderators instead of holding a popularity contest. Note that messaging/notifying users and asking them to check your application in any way is deemed very unprofessional, and might even lead to your application being denied.

How do I become a moderator?
Any user can feel free to apply in this section. This, however, does not mean you will be accepted when you post your application. You must still fit within the profile of a moderator, and also meet the requirements. Note that an application is never accepted or denied instantly, but may take a few days or weeks. This is because during this time, it'll give the community a chance to voice their opinion on your application, along with the team being able to discuss your application and come to a conclusion.

An application is a direct display of how good your communication skills are. It comes down to you providing some information about who you are, where you're from, why you want to join the team and what not.
Be sure to put time into the application. If you only write down the bare minimum, it already shows a lack of effort. That being said, feel free to also be as creative as you want with your application!

To help with your application, we're also providing a short format you could use to base your application on.

Code: Select all

Could you introduce yourself here, please?

Do you have any prior experience with moderating? If so, when/where?

Why do you want to become a moderator?

What makes you special? Why should we choose you over another applicant?

How will you combine moderating with the other rank you're holding right now? (Only applies if you currently have another rank E.G responder, developer, ...) 

Any other comments?

My application got denied! What now?
Getting your application denied is a bummer. Do not be disheartened though: One denied application does not mean you're never going to be accepted as a moderator. When getting denied, you will also receive a reason why (either through a private message, or posted on the thread itself). Try to improve based on feedback given to you by the head moderator & the comments on your previous application. If you feel like you have made sufficient improvements, feel free to reapply.