Everything you need to know about Community Responders!

Use this section to apply to join our Community Response Team
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Everything you need to know about Community Responders!

Post by Lieven » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:57 pm

If you are reading this thread, it means that you're potentially interested in joining the Response Team and becoming a Certified Responder on the Reef forums. This topic will explain what you need to know about the rank, and how to apply for the rank.

What is a Certified Responder?
Certified Responders are members of the community who have a thorough understanding of how the forums work. A responder’s primary role is to help other community members and answer whatever questions they have about Reef. This applies to

Do Responders get paid?
In short, yes. They will receive Squid-Tokens for responding on the forums. The exact amount is not currently public information and is discussed with each successful applicant. For complete transparency, these tokens can only be awarded once the platform is live.

Do Responders have any forums powers?
No. This rank is purely cosmetic, which allows for our most helpful users to stand out. Responders don't have any forums powers, and can't help you with any "Mod stuff" (locking, archiving, deleting, or any other moderation on the forums). For this, you should always PM a forums moderator.

Responders will have access to a seperate forums section. This section will give them 1-1 access to our employees. If the responders have any questions or suggestions, they'll be able to do it there. We'll also compile more information in this section to assist them with learning about any evolvement in Squid Networks.

It's also important to note that responders do not receive any information which could be seen as "beneficial" where they can get an edge over other users.

What are the requirements for becoming a Certified Responder?
Being a helpful individual within the community is one of the most important factors when your application is taken into consideration. Next to that, activity on the forums is also a crucial requirement. The amount of posts you make do not matter a lot, but the content of your posts or topics does!
  • You have used and communicated with others on the forums for at least 2 weeks.
  • You have been consistently active on the forums and have posted multiple helpful threads or replies. Note: The quality of the content of your post is far more important than the amount of responses you make.
  • You know and understand Reef: Our core principals, goals, business plan, product and our team.
  • You should have a positive attitude and you must always be polite and honest to others. People who disrespect others have absolutely no place in our team and they will be automatically denied.
How do I become a Responder?
Any user can feel free to apply in this section. This, however, does not mean you will be accepted when you post your application. You must still fit within the profile of a Responder & meet the requirements. Note that an application is never accepted or denied instantly, but may take a few days or weeks. This gives the team the ability to discuss your application and come to a conclusion.

We need to know some basic information about you, so feel free to use the format as a guideline:

What time zone do you live in (or your country if you don't know your time zone)?

Do you know any languages other than English?

What days and hours are you usually active on our forums (in your time zone)?

How much time could you dedicate to Reef? (X hours/day)

How old are you?

What history do you have with cryptocurrency?

Any other relevant information:

My application got denied! What now?
Getting your application denied is a bummer. Do not be disheartened though: One denied application does not mean you're never going to be accepted as a Responder. When getting denied, you will also receive a reason why (either through a private message, or posted on the thread itself). Try to improve based on feedback given to you by Lieven/Matt & the comments on your previous application. If you feel like you have made sufficient improvements, feel free to reapply.