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With smooth integration at the launch stage, unique traffic management tools and marketing options to further develop your project, nothing will compare to the seamless experience of Reef once it is operational.

To top it all off, we will create a whole new revenue stream consisting of Squid Tokens for developers just like you.

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Multiplayer Servers
Reef will have its own dedicated servers to allow for multiplay games when integrated.
Achievement API
Reef will have an achievement API to allow for games to integrate their internal achievements with Reef allowing for cosmetic rewards within Reef.
Activity Feed
Gamers will be able to follow their favourite game developers. All followed developers will be displayed in a tailored activity feed where news will be shown relating to new games or current game updates.
Reef API
Reef's API integration is required to join Reef. This allows for many of Reef’s features including enhanced statistics, matchmaking, in-game achievements, microtransactions and support for Proof of Gaming as well as user-created content through Reef Mods.
Game Key System
Reef will have a game key system which will allow developers to create keys to use for attending events or giving them out to beta testers.
Customisable Game Page
Reef will have the functionality for developers to modify their game page to how they want to stand out from the crowd.
Developer profiles
Reef will feature developer profiles which will be easily accessible on their tailored game pages, allowing the developers to provide more information to the gamers.
Rating and Reviews
Users will be able to leave a rating and a review of the games they play on the Reef platform. The developer will be able to view these ratings and order them by game time to get more reliable feedback.
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